Portlandia is Funny. This Hurts.

Here are a few quotes from a story in this week’s Weekly Standard.

  • Portland’s restaurants are incredibly good, provided you don’t gag on their politics and pretension.
  •  Great cities are remarkably good at generating wealth, and here Glaeser provides a useful comparison: Workers in the five zip codes that occupy Manhattan between 41st Street and 59th have a larger payroll than the entire state of Oregon.
  • Of course, if Oregon doesn’t have a bigger payroll [that Manhattan between 41st and 59th], that might be because over half the state’s residents live in or near a metro area that has spent nearly 40 years justifying political corruption and heavy-handed economic regulations as forward-looking environmental policy.
  • It’s called “light” rail not because the trains are less heavy, but because it’s more lightly used by the public than, say, New York’s subway or Washington, D.C.’s Metro.
  • The city proposed a budget in January that would eliminate “major road paving” for the next five years, apparently under the theory that the only way finally to get cars off the road is to let the potholes swallow them whole.

Read the whole story here, if you it doesn’t hurt too much.

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