She’s Had It With Bronco Bama

Originally published at The Good Men Project, November 1, 2012 –

Mark Ellis may be a political animal, but he can relate to the little girl in this video who’s tired of “Bronco Bama” and Mitt Romney.

Really must say I feel just like this little girl today. One can only hope she has been spared the threat to Big Bird.

I’m a political animal, but I’m ready for it to be over. I’ve been battling for my man Mitt for over a year now. Whatever happens on Election Night, I’m going to need a break. I will probably turn down local political assignments for at least a month, even if my wallet takes a hit.

Since Oregon is theoretically not in Electoral College play, we have not been inundated with national campaign advertising. Yes, there are some local ads, but they’ve just started in heavy rotation, and the budgets for these races are miniscule compared to the coffers of Romney and Obama. I can’t imagine what voters in the swing states have been subjected to. I wonder what state this little girl lives in.

If Mitt wins, I’ll be happy. I will not gloat. I don’t regard the Right as infallible. It’s just that Mitt is so much closer to where I live, ideologically, than the president. It has always been that way with conservatism, even back in the 60s when I was pretending to be a hippie.

If Mitt wins I will get on with my life, with renewed optimism I must say. After a period of respite from the partisan wars, I will likely write think-pieces about what I think the new Republican president should and should not do. I’ll be happier, at least when I think about the big picture.

If Barack wins, I can’t deny that there will be a certain amount of dejection. I’ll lick my wounds, like I did in 2008, take a break, and then likely join the partisan chorus looking to undermine whatever it is Mr. Obama is trying to do. To ask me not to do that is tantamount to asking me to change my sexual orientation.

Some of my conservative friends are pretty dramatic about what they’ll do if Obama gets four more. They talk about hoarding “seeds and guns,” about how the jig will be up, the nation lost. Me, I’ll get up on Wednesday morning (assuming we know the election results) and go to work. I’ll keep swinging, keep competing, and keep sidestepping the governmental nexus and socialistic drift that I believe has the potential to sap the exceptionalism of America.

But I’ve seen too many elections, too many swings, too many times when the Democrats said the GOP was through, and vice versa. Life will go on, in a country with the highest standard of living and most freedoms of any nation on earth, even with Obama returned to office.

My prayers go out to all the partisans. Half of them are headed for some measure of depression. What is really important? I suppose you could say that if a few days dejection over the result of an election is the worst prospect facing you, you are blessed.

I’m hopeful for this little girl, because though she’s painfully fed up with the campaign, she was fortunate to be born in this country. Two weeks from now her psychic exhaustion over “Bronco Bama” and Mitt Romney will be lost to the limits of linear memory. Her thoughts will likely turn to the holidays, in whatever sense her family celebrates them.

But for now, she’s ragged, fed up, she’s had it.

Politics matter and we need to pay attention. But today I can totally relate.


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